Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

There's no way getting around it: I think this is a damn good issue. Biased? Perhaps. But I believe each entry will speak for itself. And as second issues go, it bests the old and promises good things for the future.

(By the way, that was my best Keith Morrison-esque Dateline intro I could muster.)

There are a couple notable absences here, one being Lobb Rittle'€™s Most Unusual column, though he shall enlighten us with cinema's weirdest next time around. The other is a complete roster of male writers. When I started this enterprise, I was concerned with the inevitable lack of diversity, given the genre. Like it or not, the horror/pulp genre doesn'€™t surround itself with a legion a female writers. So it'€™s my pleasure to announce the authors presented here in this issue are almost a 50/50 split. I hope this trend continues.

Alas, I will keep this short as to not delay getting this issue out on time, but I wanted to again thank everyone who submitted, whether you were accepted or not. We enjoy reading everything, and one of the worst activities I can think of (as a writer myself) is declining works by other writers. Please keep '€˜em coming!

And, of course, have a wonderfully terrifying Halloween.
Matt Rotman


Our next issue is slated for January, 2015. If you’re interested in submitting, please click below for details on how to submit your manuscript. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

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